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Residential Air Conditioning Herefordshire

If your home becomes too hot in summer, or too cold in winter, don’t suffer in silence. You can install some efficient residential air conditioning, courtesy of Cool Climate Ltd.

  • Comfort all year round
  • Individually controlled wall-mounted units in each room
  • We always work in a safe manner, leaving your home clean and tidy







Air Conditioning unit in residential property in Herefordshire

Home Aircon Installation

We at Cool Climate Ltd are a family-run business, offering a friendly and professional service. We respect you and your property always. To discuss your requirements, contact our friendly team at Cool Climate Ltd.

More and more people are turning to having residential air conditioning or HVAC systems installed in their homes to have comfort all year round from the many changing seasons of the British weather. The air conditioning units can be individually controlled in each room, and will be wall mounted discreetly. With many manufacturers and types of aircon systems available, installations can be tailored to fit your available budget.

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Ongoing Maintenance and Repair

It doesn’t stop there. Once installed, we can offer you a service and maintenance package at reasonable rates to keep your installed residential air conditioning systems running efficiently and effectively. Having an air conditioning system that is operating efficiently will reduce your bills over time, and a servicing package will end up paying for itself very quickly. Please contact us at Cool Climate Ltd to chat and discuss your needs today.

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Benefits of air conditioning


Thermostat icon

Heating and Cooling

Comfort for your family whatever the weather

Property protection icon

Property Protection

Keep windows and doors locked in comfort


lungs, imporved air quality icon

Improved Air Quality 

Reduce pollen, duct and allergens

car icon to represent noise reducing feature

Reduced Noise

Closed windows will keep traffic noise out








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If you are looking for air conditioning in Herefordshire, call Cool Climate Ltd on 01432 279 318, or 07770 385 577. You can also email or use our enquiry form.

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