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Benefits of regularly servicing your air conditioning system

The performance of your air conditioning will gradually deteriorate over time. Cool Climate Ltd offer a wide range of contracts for aircon servicing in Herefordshire. By maintaining it regularly, it should retain 95% of its original efficiency and performance. This leads to a wide range of benefits, detailed below.







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Improved Energy Efficiency

Simple aspects, such as dirt and dust, will lead to smothered air filters and dirty condenser coils. Factors like these will cause the air conditioning unit’s efficiency to depreciate, using more energy to maintain the same temperature as before. This will lead to higher energy bills and higher carbon usage. Regularly servicing your HVAC system will eventually save you money, through energy bill savings.

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Longer life of HVAC systems

It goes without saying that equipment that is regularly maintained will last longer, and the same is true for your air conditioning units. Oftentimes, one faulty part of an air conditioning system will put a strain on several other parts. Therefore, the sooner it is repaired, the more effectively the whole system will run generally, and the longer the other parts on that system will last. Cool Climate Ltd offer aircon servicing in Herefordshire and the surrounding areas.


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Lower Repair Costs

Having a regular maintenance contract minimises the likelihood of ever needing emergency repairs. If your HVAC is keeping a data centre cool, for example, the urgency is likely to be more than just a few complaints about the heat. With Cool Climate Ltd, you can arrange routine servicing and maintenance, and we shall check all parts for wear and damage, and clean all components too, reducing the chance of an unexpected breakdown.

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Improved Air Quality

As an air conditioning system operates, it will accumulate dust around the filters and you may also see dust stains on the vents. The more dust that accumulates in the air filters, the less effective the system is at purifying the air. Cleaning the air filter is a routine aspect of air conditioning maintenance, and will mean your aircon will clean the air for your premises more effectively over time.




Servicing Packages

Some air conditioning systems require more servicing than others, depending on the model, the age of the system, and how frequently it is used. Cool Climate Ltd recommend having an air conditioning system serviced twice per year. However, we can tailor a service and maintenance contract according to your business needs. For aircon servicing in Herefordshire, contact Cool Climate Ltd.

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